060216Crowe024webI have loved to read from an early age. My middle school teacher said I was the only person she ever had to yell at for reading in class (I was reading a romance novel, not assigned reading of course).

Despite my love of reading and the constant stream of stories in my mind, I never believed I could be an author. Instead I went to college and received a degree in accounting and went on to pass the CPA exam. Once I had a comfortable career, I allowed myself to try the whole “author thing”. I started with a basic paranormal romance. A alpha male vampire loves human woman (FINDING FIRE). From there I kept writing, eventually trying my hand at contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

I studied the publishing industry like I studied for the CPA exam, throwing myself 100% into it. Now I am proud to call writing my full time job. I spend a disturbing amount of time writing and working on future projects. When I’m not writing, I am hanging out with my husband and our three dogs (2 permanent dogs and a foster). Oh, and watching TV. Lots and lots of TV.