Giveaways made easy!


If you attended the advanced marketing night owl, you might remember me saying how much I love to do paperback giveaways. Someone asked that I share how I do my forms so I threw this page together.


I purchased Gravity Forms ( ) for about $40 bucks. You can add multiple choice questions for polls, single line answers, drop own menus… There are a lot of options. A simple giveaway would look like this:


This is my fake NINC giveaway! You can enter and you will win my appreciation 🙂 (but, like, no actual prize....)


An actual giveaway I have running right now is here:

I will then use a random number generator to pick an entry from the spreadsheet. The exported spreadsheet of entries will look something like this:





If you do not want to pay for a plugin, you can get a google forms plugin for free that does basically the same thing. ( )


ALSO… I use paypal for media mail shipping prices ($2.63 for shipping a book in the US). I print the labels at home and just stick the package in my mailbox.


Go to and put in media mail. If you are shipping anything other than a book, it should be first class mail. If it is not a book AND over 1 lb, it would have to be priority. Here’s an example of me just shipping a paperback: