Who is your dream man???

1 – What do you prefer your dream man to wear?
A) Perfectly tailored suit
B) Hipster glasses he has no idea are hipster
C) Nothing but the sweat dripping down his perfect abs

2 –  What is your dream date?
A) Ride in a private jet
B) Trip to a museum with a private tour guide
C) Renting a movie and cuddling on the couch

3 – What dinner would your dream man cook for you?
A) He’d cheat and hire a private chef but the food is so good you don’t care
B) A perfect soufflé
C) Juicy burgers on the grill

4 – What kind of car would your dream man drive?
A) A chauffer normally but a Maserati for fun
B) Aston Martin
C) A pick up truck

5 – What pet would your dream man have?
A) Fish
B) A cat
C) A dog

Look here to find out what dream man is right for you:

Mostly As – Powerful CEO – Influential and wealthy, your man might not have the most free time to go on dates, but the time he does have he will devote all his resources to making you feel cherished, be it special dinners or trips to his private island.

Mostly Bs – Hot Nerd – Sometimes your man will be more interested in his computer code and spreadsheets than you, but when you do get his focus you get 100%… including in bed (and believe me, he’s STUDIED how to make women scream)

Mostly Cs – Sexy Handyman – Your man might never take you for trips in his private jet, but his charming smile (and rippling abs) will make hanging out on his couch the best date imaginable.

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