As promised, here is a quick rundown of my future plans for the Stolen Hearts series! A few overarching spoilers, but nothing too major 🙂

Okay, so at the end of The Dangerous Thief, there are a few mentions about this new security team that the bad guys are bringing in (Drake Securities). This team is going to be a headache for Scott and Toni as they try to bring down Sterling (the man responsible for Scott’s wife’s murder). However at the end of the book, Toni (who if you remember still has a lot of money from when they brought down Greg Stranger in The Cocky Thief) uses her funds to buy Drake Securities and gives it to Scott.

Since he can’t go back to being a cop again, Scott is going to run this company of formerly evil henchmen and start using them for good. There could be dozens of guys (and girls!) on the payroll and the possibilities for  different stories and locations is just endless. It’s going to be a lot of fun to start the new section of the series. And since it will be called “Hart Securities” this will still be the Stolen Hearts series! This will also give a lot of ways for the other characters to come back since who knows when Adam Smith or Austin Miles (now Benedict) will have to help out on a case!